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Reschedule Policy

We are a family-owned business, run mainly by two dads. We do our best to help teams reschedule. We recognize there are often other sports, team trainings, jobs, and tournaments that cause conflicts. To provide the best possible experience, we will do our best to accommodate schedule requests. Prior to the schedule being released, you must notify us of all dates your team cannot play (we prioritize and generally only accommodate for tournaments). Once the schedule is published, we will charge $40 per game to complete any reschedule and there are no guaranties that reschedules can be accommodated. 


Sometimes a reschedule is not possible. Because the focus of our league is player development, in these cases, we will still provide court time for the other team and a referee, if desired. The team not requesting a reschedule may opt to bring another team to play from the league, if desired. 

A reschedule is not complete until the opposing team accepts the reschedule and it is entered online. If the game is not updated with the new information in on the schedule page, the game has NOT been rescheduled.


Additional policies regarding reschedules are listed below. 

Required Request DetailsPrior to the schedule being released (the "Request Deadline"), please contact the league at AND text us at 801-877-6396. Please provide the date and time of the conflict, the name of your team, and the other dates that will work for a reschedule.

Free Reschedules. The league will provide free reschedule services through the first week of any session IF the conflicts are on days that were previously communicated to us before the Request Deadline. There is no guarantee that a reschedule will be possible, but the league will make best efforts to accommodate the requests. 

Requests after the Request Deadline. Requests made after the Request Deadline will be subject to a $40 fee. The league may require you to contact the other coach to find a suitable time. Reschedules are not guaranteed.  


We reserve the right to combine leagues within one age group of each other (for example U11 and U12) and combine boys and girls up to U12 (except for U10 and U9, we will typically combine older girls teams with younger boys teams). Any diversions from this policy and the league will reach out to individual teams before scheduling.

We will permit teams to "play down" in order to balance competition. These requests need to be communicated at registration. 

If one team splits into two teams we treat these as separate teams. This means that split teams from the same team may play each other. Five teams constitutes one bracket (4 split teams + 1 more).

Refunds will not be given if the above situations occur.

We intentionally try to play on smaller courts. We have access to a full-sized futsal court and typically use it for ages U15 and up. But court availability may affect this. For more about why we use smaller courts, see our Why Play Futsal page. 

Civility Policy

The purpose of this league is to provide the players developmental opportunities. We try to attract competitive teams, and we keep track of scores and group leaders. Occasionally, we will allow teams to play down to allow them to match more competitively. We reserve the right to make final group decisions based on input from the coaches and past performance. 


Given the competitive nature, we desire to keep the level of civility as amicable as possible to allow the players to play and develop. 

Parents and coaches are prohibited from communicating with players from another team. Coaches are expected to manage the interactions of their parents. Parents or coaches may be asked to leave for any such interactions and multiple violations may result in a ban from the league or the facility. 

Parents are similarly prohibited from communicating with the referees. Coaches are welcome to engage in civil conversations with the referees that are aimed at maintaining the developmental nature of the league (such as clarifying rules). 

When the score is significantly imbalanced, a winning team may play with fewer players, but they are not required to do, as this is a developmental league and play time is important. While this may be frustrating for the losing team, we encourage the coaches and parents to encourage persistence and a growth mindset as such attributes are important for development. 

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